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Rehearsal schedule09.08.2018

Dear Members

I hope that you all have had an opportunity to enjoy the hot, sunny weather before this recent change brought us some much needed rain.

Lot’s has been going on during these last two or three months and in four weeks’ time our first rehearsal will take place – 13th September 2018 – 7.30pm at St Ninian’s Church NOT THE SCHOOL. The first two rehearsals are now to be at the Church as the Dept of Education and Children requires the Assembly Hall for its own use.

Other than our new members, you will remember that our Annual General Meeting is held during the first rehearsal and the Notice of the AGM is attached together with a schedule of rehearsals some of which show what movements we will be practising.

The first rehearsal is always hectic especially before it commences; we have new members, singers are collecting their scores that they have ordered, loan scores and rehearsal CD’s. Our committee members will be there to greet you from 7.00pm onwards and I would suggest that you all try to be at St Ninian’s Church soon after 7.00pm so that we can start the rehearsal on time.

We [the committee] will be there from 7.00pm to assist and I will now set out what I hope will be in place to enable this start to proceed smoothly.

  1. The usual attendance sheets will be there for you to sign in.
  2. Rehearsal CD’s for Gounod and Jenkins’s will be handed out to you after signing in.
  3. Scores will be handed to you by another person.
  4. Loan scores will be separated and those requiring a loan copy [as ordered on the membership form] will be asked to sign for the copy. Please remember that Loan copies are kindly loaned to us by Isle of Man Music Centre and  should only be notated by you in pencil. PLEASE DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE A HIGHLIGHT PEN.
  5. There will be membership forms for those not having submitted a form to Alison. I would urge those of you who have not sent a form in with the payment, to complete and send one now as we can then hopefully meet your scores and CD’s requirements for the rehearsal. Both scores and CD’s are more expensive when ordered in small numbers and carriage also is charged.

Julian and the committee welcome you all, and our new members, to come and enjoy the sing. Enjoyment is the top priority, and part of achieving this goal is to rehearse properly in between rehearsals so if you have not ordered a rehearsal CD have a rethink about it. The one that I have produced for the Jenkins’s work is only £5.00 – the Gounod is £10.00; both are well worth buying even for those who read music well.

Best wishes to you all

Brian Holt

Secretary – Isle of Man Choral Society


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